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Smoothing agent B260

Uses: For cotton, wool, linen, silk and synthetic fiber finishing, you can achieve good flexibility, enhance flexibility, improve smooth feeling for animal fibers can significantly reduce wear and increase fiber strength, increase luster.
Composition: Polydimethylsiloxane emulsion, silicone emulsions known
Nature: Appearance: colorless transparent flow liquid Ion: Nonionic pH: 4.0-6.5 (1% solution) 
Gravity: Approximately 1.0 (20 ° C) Stability: hard water stable solid content: 22 ± 2% mixed: strong
Features: Good softness, smooth feeling. 
One bath with resin to improve the smoothness of the fabric, increase flexibility can be used as a smoothing agent for smooth finishing of cotton fiber.
Application: Dosage: Dip: 0.5-3%, bath temperature: 30-40 ° C, time: 5-30min 
Padding Type: 10-30 g / L, temperature, two-dip two rolls.
Storage: Polyethylene plastic buckets lined with plastic barrel 50/125kg. 
Store in a cool, dry blasting, ventilated warehouse, avoid sunlight, high temperature, the shelf life of 1 year. 
Non-dangerous goods transport.
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